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Hi there. Welcome to our website. We discuss or write about massage chairs. If you are interested in a massage chair you will find this website useful especially when you are torn between two or more choices.

writer at Top Rated Massage Chairs 2018What we do, we research online to see which massage chairs people like and write a brief summary about them, picking those points you might to know in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

We also give recommendations of other chairs to help you compare. We have a disclaimer though!

Earnings Disclaimer – As we make these recommendations and list the names of the massage chairs we link out to merchants’ sites where you can make your purchase should you decide to. As you click from our website to the merchants’ sites and buy something, we are likely to be compensated or paid a commission for your purchase.

Please take note of two things;

1. In the event that we get paid the commission, it does not mean you would have more than what the cost of the item was to makeup for the commission. On the contrary, where possible, we have tried to find cheaper stores, i.e. stores selling at a better price than anywhere else. So even if we get paid a commission, you will still be buying at a bargain price most of the times and the price is never escalated to makeup for our commission.

2. Since there is an incentive involved, you might think that our writing is a bit biased to make you buy. If any of our articles comes across to you as that firstly accept our apologies our aim is to write unbiased articles, secondly we encourage you to do more research. Most of the products that we write about have customer reviews from the merchant’s site and it would be a good idea to go to the merchant site and read more about the product. The reviews will share more light.

With that said, we hope you will enjoy reading our articles and find them informative.